Makerspace Survey





ITSCO and the PAST Foundation are researching the uses of makerspaces in K-12 schools. We are working to identify gaps in the resources currently available, and what is needed to make them stronger components of every educational environment.


We have created a short survey to gather information on any makerspaces currently being used in our member schools, and what is needed to make them even better spaces for students to learn. We are interested in knowing where the makerspaces exist in each school, as well as: how they are used, what types of supplies are currently used, and what supplies are needed to expand the space.


We plan to use the information gathered from the survey to compile a more complete resource that any and every teacher could use to get the most out of their maker space, and take their students’ education to the next level.

We would greatly appreciate if our loyal educators could take a brief moment to help us with this survey. You can access the brief survey by clicking here, and find great ideas for your makerspace on our Pinterest board.

Thank you all so much!